Sambas were first made in the early 1950s for high end European mountain hotels as there eight panoramic roof windows and large open roof are perfect for sight seeing.

This van has been kept to as near original condition as is possible adding to it's charm

Seats 5 and on sunny days, we have the option of opening the full length sun roof to get some sun and wind in your hair. 

It has been fully restored and kept the 1960s camping interior

This van was built before seat belt laws so legally you do not have to wear one


A brief history.

The bus was one of the last deluxe splitscreens made at the VW factory in Germany in 1967 before production ended later that year.

1968 .it had been shipped from Germany to the JP White Devon company at Sidmouth England to be converted from a deluxe minibus to a top of the range Caravette interior camper van.

Owned during the 1970s by the Historic Harrow on the hill school in London working as a tour bus to take the privileged students on field trips around the city.

By the late 1980s the van was now 20 plus years old and was being used as a workman's tea room at the school.




1990 after being sold as spares or repair the van came into my care as my first car spending the next 15 years used as a daily drive to work in the week and taken on countless weekend road trips to festivals VW shows and surf trips. Plus three European tours over nine country's

2005.The Dark times. Years are showing and she is taken off the road to repair to highest standards all the details back to as close to its 1967 condition as possible.

This was estimated at the time to take a few months however the project over ran and was not fully completed for another 12 years.

2017. Rebirth

Records from SSVC show it is one of only around 50 deluxe VW vans converted with a devon interiors in the world to have survived making it a very rare van indeed.

Now 50 years old it is in the stunning condition you see today and has come back out into the sunshine for everyone to enjoy.


An extra special rare 1967 Deluxe Model Splitscreen or nick named Samba . The Samba Model is widely regarded as the Rolls Royce of the VW camper van world.